Friday, 25 July 2008

Feeling more human

The cloud seems to have lifted today; a week after my return. I am feeling quite a lot better, and will soon be back to posting strength.
Having mentioned him on my post about jet lag, I asked my cousin, Kevin, how he copes with it, and this is what he wrote back:
I manage it by being permanently jet lagged. My body expects food at any hour, and sleeps when I am not feeding it. I no longer have any concept of time zones, so am unaffected now by flying! So, my cure for you - just do about 30 long haul flights a year for 10 years and you'll be fine .....
Well, he certainly earns his money! It really isn't human, though, is it?

Someone asked about the Melatonin. I think it did help; it simulates the natural hormone released in the hours of darkness by the pineal gland in the brain, which, among other things, tells the body to go to sleep. I did indeed do so, and the sleep was restful. It certainly feels a lot more natural than ordinary sleeping pills, though this is not a professional view, of course.
For some reason which I don't understand, Melatonin is not licensed for use in the UK—I had bought mine in the US—but you can get it on line. Read about Melatonin here.

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Jackie Parkes MJ said...

It is prescribed of my daughters uses it for her bi-polar disorder on prescription..