Saturday, 19 July 2008

Inter doctores

Of course, I owe a large debt of gratitude to all those who made my first visit to North America so very interesting and enjoyable. It only struck me this morning that many, if not most of these have been doctors of one sort or another…
Thanks, then, to all the community at the Toronto Oratory, especially Fr (Dr) Jonathan Robinson, Fr David Roche, Fr Thomas Trottier, Fr (Dr) Paul Pearson and Br Michael Eades;
To John Polhamus, Ashley Paver, Dr James and Dean Covalt, Dr Roberto Lionello, George Pecoraro (for a great haircut!) and all the brothers of the Little Oratory in San Diego;
To Dr Gerard Wegemer, Dr Charles O'Sullivan, Dr Bob and Mrs Teresa Israel, to nearly-Dr Matthew and Mrs Molly Mehan, and to future-Dr Tommy and Jon Paul Heyne, all in and around Dallas,
my love and thanks to you all, and to all those I have met over the last couple of weeks.


bedwere said...

Dear Father,

Thank you for having visited us! A correction: It is Dr. James Covalt, since he already has a Ph.D. in chemistry.

Yours in Christ and St. Philip,


Pastor in Monte said...

Thanks; correction made.

Anonymous said...

Father, it really was a joy to see you. I look forward to talking soon.