Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Sunday 2: Vespers and Exercises

On Sunday afternoon, three-cope Vespers was celebrated in the Cathedral of San Diego, which is dedicated to St Joseph. There was very nearly a full turn out of the brothers in the Oratorian habit, with bishop Cordileone assisting in choir. Since the brothers have to find a church where they can, they have learnt the art of the mobile church. Each brother has a liturgical stool with which to form a choir—they bought a job lot from IKEA—and they bring the stool along to each of these celebrations, as illustrated. As they unloaded the mobile church, a strange gaggle of people riding those space-age scooters that somehow balance upright drove down the pavement by the Cathedral. They were caught at a pedestrian crossing (abbreviated ‘ped xing’ here in California), so I had time to snatch a shot. Vespers went very well; the music (organ and quartet, gregorian chant, Victoria, Franco [Mexican 16th c] and Polhamus [San Diego fl. 2008]) and ceremonies proceeded beautifully. Afterwards we posed for a picture, though some of the brothers, and one of the assistants had already had to leave. There was a reception in the Cathedral hall afterwards, when we discovered that nobody had thought to bring a corkscrew. ‘Oh,’ said the bishop, ‘I’ve got one in my car’. Now that is civilized.
After Vespers, the Oratory Exercises for Sunday evening were celebrated, the bishop assisting also, kneeling on the floor with the brothers.
I hope soon to have some pics of all the brothers with the bishop after Vespers.

Roberto has posted video clips of the Vespers on YouTube; here's the first part of the Magnificat.

If you look at it on YouTube itself, you can see more.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks again for coming out to see us in San Diego, Father. It was an immense blessing. I believe your visit will be a large shot in the arm (or posterior) to get us to take things to another level. I enjoyed all the time I spent with you, and I hope your return for another 1 wk stint here in our little town. Also, let me know how I can get you my email so that you can send me those photos.